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Spring Cleanup

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HR Information Management

Spring has sprung and warm weather is arriving across the country. It feels like a wonderful time of hope and renewal as we approach Easter celebrations and people are allowed to reunite.

Employees are returning to the workplace, likely going through their wardrobes to throw out outfits that no longer match their company dress code. So, in this spirit of renewal, we thought it would be a good time to encourage business administrators to focus on spring cleaning to throw out the old and update their HR management documents.

Documentation Check

We come across countless companies who fall behind on keeping documentation current. It is understandable in the daily swirl of running a company, but it can have silent consequences if left unattended too long. Most often, they are the documents that help the business operate smoothly.

For example, if your employment contracts, policy manuals, or procedural standards are outdated you could risk legal challenges as legislation changes. As employees return to the workplace following extended remote work arrangements, we are seeing many questions from employers about their responsibilities to revisit different clauses within their employment agreements to reflect new work arrangements. Most notably, these conversations have revolved around clauses that touch upon remote work, equipment, work hours, employee pay, vaccination requirements, and confidentiality. Don’t wait to be blindsided in the future, because you did not prepare for employees to push boundaries. Get started, one step at a time.

Refresher Training

It would also be wise to provide refresher training to employees, so they are informed of any updates. Depending upon the document you are updating, there may be employer responsibilities to give proper notice. Otherwise, it is not enforceable.

File Cleanup

Furthermore, there are an array of records retention rules that require companies to destroy files after they have reached different points in time. There is no sense to take up space or pay storage fees where it is unnecessary. You are likely sitting on opportunities to use space in your workplace more effectively. Simply, close your eyes and imagine what could replace row upon row of metal filing cabinets. It may be time to discard and digitize those piles of files.

Here to Help

If you need assistance with employee information management projects, we can help. Please feel free to connect with our team at Honiva as you tackle your HR files at +1-587-602-6975 or [email protected].

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