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Honiva Group Inc. helps client companies enhance business productivity and performance with a suite of custom HR services. Not only do we provide relevant advice, we partner with our clients through a collaborative approach to implement approved Frameworks, Policies, Practices and Procedures that improve internal process efficiencies and data management practices. We would be happy to help you optimize team talents through on-site or virtual service delivery options.

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Since June 2006, we have been helping client companies grow through the strategic optimization of business tools that leverage the strength of their teams. With a broad range of experience spanning the Human Resources spectrum, we are able to provide custom tangible support throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

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You can be assured that Honiva uses a collaborative approach to develop responsive work plans that help your company move forward with purpose. You can expect our HR Services team to bring informed guidance and tactical expertise to implement useful tools and programs to help you navigate unforeseen complexities that accompany success.

We bring the knowledge, expertise, and passion to setup your new HR department, hire star employees, determine fair pay rates, and manage the influx of employee information in compliance with relevant business laws and employment regulations. You can have peace of mind to focus on growing your business, while we provide stewardship in the management of your employees.

Honiva loves working with innovative business leaders in Canada, USA, Australia, Singapore, and Vietnam. In the past we have worked with companies that operate in the Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, Mining, Engineering, Healthcare, and Information Technology sectors. Contact us today to get started with a FREE confidential consultation.

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