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Revisiting Competitive Advantage

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We regularly see companies drift from their intended path and the consequences that follow such departures. For some, it is a temporary detour to explore new opportunities or respond to circumstance. For others, it is a case of poor leadership leading the company astray.

Decisions Bring Results

During times of prosperity and crisis, the decisions of the executive team can lead a company down many different paths. On the one hand, strong leadership can bring continued success or help a business navigate disaster smoothly. On the other hand, bad decisions can result in a slow suffering death or catastrophic failure.

Expert Perspectives

One of the many benefits of hiring an external HR consultant from Honiva is that we can quickly see how different decisions will unfold in various ways. From the position that we hold, we can identify similar patterns of constructive and destructive behaviour amongst different companies and sectors since we work with multiple businesses every day. We literally have a specialty within the Human Resources profession dedicated to examining human dynamics within different organizational settings called Organizational Development or Organizational Behaviour.

While many business owners think of HR as a cost centre or unnecessary fluff, enlightened leaders know there is quite a lot of science to support the activities of human resources professionals. It is from this perspective that we want to encourage business owners to take the time to revisit their competitive advantage on a regular basis.

Finding Your Value

As companies grow, they sometimes become complacent which erodes their competitiveness. From our observations, leaders should spend more time communicating their magic sauce so their team understands their market position and offerings fluently. Entrepreneurs can be even more successful when they combine that information with a strong understanding of the company culture to create market alignment, which propels the company to greater levels of prosperity.

Astute Staffing

Once you have a clear understanding of how you are unique in terms of your business, market position and offerings, you can build the right team. This awareness of your business and its place in the economic realm will allow you to make the right decisions to attract star employees who align with the corporate direction, values and culture.

Do your homework and reap the rewards of a strong company.

Here to Help

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