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Baby Steps to Business Growth

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We have often heard of entrepreneurs referring to their business as their “Baby”. Indeed these tireless individuals often have a deep connection with their dream as they envision the possibilities and build it with every ounce of care over a multitude of years. Not unlike a baby child or animal, this “Dream Baby” requires ongoing nurturing in order to thrive.

As we settle into spring, now is a good time to take baby steps toward a strong future for your business.

Time for Reassessment

Have a look at your existing resources. Some strong assets you may have might include:

>> Prime Property

Your business may be fortunately located in a key spot that serves your customers well. Don’t underestimate the value in having your business in a great place.

>> A Solid Team

A company’s people are its greatest asset. You may have a solid team of people working with you, be they full time employees, part-time employees, contractors, or some combination thereof. If you have a great team, you have a great foundation to move forward. Look beyond to connect with your entire community, it takes a village to raise a budding business.

>> Proprietary Assets

You may own assets that can benefit your company going forward. Most often it can include patents, inventions, etc. – things that can provide a competitive advantage.

Considering everything you have, now is a good time to consider your next steps. Do you continue forward based on your current business plan? Or is it time to pivot and try something new? Either way, spring is a great time for new beginnings and for taking steps in the right direction.

Here to Help

If you are struggling during this trying time, Honiva Consulting Ltd. is here to help. If you have questions surrounding how to manage your staff during this time, are unsure of financial aid programs and employee management options to keep your business afloat, or need help navigating swiftly-changing labour legislation, do not hesitate to contact us. At this time we are extending our payment terms to enable business owners the flexibility they need to navigate the new unknown and receive the information they need to make critical decisions without exposing themselves to legal risks that could derail future recovery and rebuilding efforts.

We can be reached for a free confidential consultation at +1-403-470-5350 or [email protected].

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