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Celebrate the Season: Tips for a Great Company Christmas Party

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Though some companies choose to forego the expense and time commitments required to organize a group event. Other companies are gearing up for their annual holiday party to celebrate this festive season. These parties are a good time to let loose, look back at the year, and spend time with your peers along with their families. Hosting a holiday party can also be a fantastic way to communicate that you care about your team and want to promote a fun inclusive environment. It also helps to strengthen your company culture, which is the main focus of our article today.

Having your company organize a regular social event on the calendar can allow your employees the opportunity to build fond memories with their colleagues. The Christmas season is the perfect opportunity to tap into this festive mood and spread holiday cheer. For those employees that do no have have friends or family nearby, it may be their only social gathering. Thinking of the increased attention around employee mental health, you may even be helping to build psychological strength within your team. At the end of the day, the main aim should be focused on allowing your employees to have a good time and leave them feeling that they are working in a place where they can follow work with friends, while following their individual career interests. Whether business performance is up or down, it is always nice to end the year with happy memories that will lead your team into a good new year.

All that said, the holiday season can be amongst the busiest in everyone’s personal lives as well, so you should start setting a date and getting the word out to your employees as soon as possible! Consider what the likely attendance numbers will be (ensuring to account for inviting plus-ones) and plan the budget and venue accordingly. Some parties can be planned alongside another activity or parallel event, while others are more casual celebrations that can occur at the workplace or a nearby venue after-hours. Since it is a rare opportunity where most of the company is together, we often see employers couple their holiday celebrations with an annual review, training, or light-hearted team building sessions.

Whatever location or theme you plan around, ensure you consider the food and travel accommodations for those in attendance. If the party is held at your workplace, ensure that food and drink arrangements have carefully considered any allergies or dietary preferences among your employees. If the event is held offsite, make sure you know what you will need to provide and what the venue will be providing for you to ensure your party is a success.

Proximity to your workplace and the transportation of your employees is among the most important considerations, especially if alcohol is being served at the party. Always make it a priority to have multiple transportation options available for those in attendance, such as a carpool, a taxi/ride-sharing service or a hired bus. All of your guests need to be made aware of the many safe options available for getting them home at the end of the night.

Once your food, drink and travel arrangements are all organized, have fun with your holiday party planning and consider adding a few extras. Hire a photographer to capture some of the memories being made or rent a photobooth to let guests make their own. Run a raffle to give away holiday-themed prizes. Live music or a DJ can help bring a party to live if you’ve got space to dance. Some more low-key, formal affairs might prefer to devote some time to ceremonial speeches and toasts, or special recognition awards. Every work group is different, and if you are engaged with your employees, you will know what types of activities will fit your company culture best.

Whatever you do, remember that hosting an annual company Christmas party is a great opportunity to thank your employees for the hard work they have put in all year and have a little fun while you’re at it.

Happy Holidays!

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