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Alternative Work Arrangements: Navigating the Waters

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Traditionally, most employees were hired on a permanent, full-time basis. However, as the workplace has evolved, several forms of alternative arrangements have become increasingly common.

Nowadays, the most common employee classifications include:

• Permanent Full-time

• Permanent Part-time

• Temporary Full-time

• Temporary Part-time

• Casual

Many employers find that having a variety of employment classifications available helps them to design the right workforce to meet their business needs. This can help prevent a situation where a company over-hires, then later has to resort to mass layoffs or face serious financial peril.

In addition, some companies also rely on the services of independent contractors – a distinct arrangement that differs from an employer/employee relationship in several key ways.

Understanding the Legislation

The finer details of employee classification can be challenging to understand. Different categories are subject to different rules regarding holiday pay, vacation entitlements, time off, overtime, and more. Well-meaning employers can easily run afoul of the law if they misunderstand the rules surrounding different categories of employees and the associated employment legislation that applies.

Your Honiva HR Services Consultant can help you understand the rights and obligations that apply to you and your employees, no matter the classification.

Workforce Composition

Sometimes it might not be immediately clear which classification(s) of employees would be best suited to handling certain tasks and responsibilities within your organization. Other times, you may have classified your team in the wrong employment categories. Your Honiva HR Services Consultant can help you with Organizational Design and Workforce Planning activities, saving you money by striking the right balance in terms of your workforce composition.

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