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On-the-Job Training: Sharing What You Already Know

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In many industries, one of the best ways to grow and develop your team in a budget-friendly manner is through on-the-job training. While not without its challenges, on-the-job training can be an effective way to ensure employees have the skills they need to succeed, without breaking your budget. Plus, it allows you to continue building upon your internal knowledge base vs letting it walk out the door when employees leave the company.

When to take this Approach

On-the-job training is particularly suited for industries where turnover can be high, and hands-on skills are crucial to employee success. In many cases, having a seasoned employee or manager show newer staff how to perform their duties skillfully and efficiently can have a significant impact on the employee’s contributions and in turn, his or her success. It is a useful way for employees to develop skills that are specific to the technology and operations of your unique organization. Further, this approach benefits the company as compensation can be linked to the level of training/proficiency any given employee has reached. Overall, a great way to build a positive feedback loop that fosters innovation and knowledge sharing amongst peers. It also works to enhance internal working relationships as people actively learn from one another.

Getting Started

While extremely beneficial in certain industries, an on-the-job training program does require managers to have sufficient time to train, coach, provide feedback, and course correct. In addition, managers/trainers need to know the intricacies of different workflows/processes within their operating area/department – people can not teach something they do not know and know well!

In other cases, managers simply do not have the time or the skill set to focus on providing hands-on training. Or, they may not have the right aptitude or patience for teaching. In these cases, hiring a trainer could be right move.

Training in Action

An example of a company that provides hands-on training is Zipzone, a zipline adventure company located in Peachland, B.C. Zipzone’s summer staff is often comprised of university students seeking summer employment. The company provides comprehensive training before the employee begins working, along with ongoing training throughout the season. Zipzone prides itself on rewarding employee achievement, and states that employees who exceed the company’s standards of leadership and professionalism will be given more responsibility and advancement opportunities. In this case, not only do they share technical know-how, it also becomes a way to enforce their company culture and standards for safe performance while on the job.

Ready to implement or enhance on-the-job training at your company? Your Honiva HR Services Consultant can help you put together a program that benefits managers and employees alike.

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