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The Big Moment

Finally! After several weeks, you are now ready to advertise your job postings and start reaching out to your intended job seeking audience. Let’s take a look at some options for recruitment marketing, so you get the biggest bang for your buck.


By far, the best source of job candidates is word of mouth. It’s free and the people who are presented are often a close match to your recruitment needs. It is just important to educate your network on what you are seeking exactly.

Many companies have institutionalized Employee Referral Programs to tap into this resource pool. Before you implement your own plan, spend some time to track the sourcing costs of your existing recruitment programs. This research will equip you with data on how much you should reward for successful referrals.

Job Boards

Another popular option is to post your vacancy details on internet job boards. Here there are a plentiful array of options. Once again, do your research to figure out where your job seekers are looking online. Generally, there are the large industry giants. There are also a ton of niche sites too. Choose quality whenever possible, you are searching for rare stars.

Many job boards also have social recruitment features. There are others that combine job board functionality with applicant tracking tools. There are many bells and whistles, so before you purchase more than necessary you might want to conduct some systems planning.

Recruitment Agencies

Where appropriate, you may want to enlist the help of Recruiters and Headhunters who work at recruitment agencies. Similar to job boards, there are a large number of recruitment firms that you can engage.

You might consider selecting a few dedicated vendors to help you fill open roles. Be sure to monitor their performance in fulfilling their contractual obligations to place job candidates within your company. Also, spend time to understand their fee structures and internal practices regarding candidate ownership.

Professional Associations/Non-Profits

Depending on the position you are seeking to fill, there may be relevant professional associations or non-profit agencies that can help you spread the word with member-only job listings. They may even help you with initial screening tasks to lighten your workload too.

Local Advertising

If you only operate locally, you might want to try radio and newspaper advertising. Though not mentioned often, these marketing channels work too. It works more effectively for some companies, so an awareness of your industry and audience is critical when deploying these candidate attraction methods.

Company Website

Don’t forget to post each job on your company website too. You may choose to identify potential internal talent prior to seeking external candidates. This approach instills a culture where people have true opportunities for growth and professional development. The power of establishing real internal career paths is key to being recognized as an employer of choice and keeping top talent.

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