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3 Paths, You Decide

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Similar to life, you must also make critical decisions when running a company. These leadership choices will definitely impact the fate of your organization, so it is very important to listen and follow the guidance of your business advisors and internal values to make the best decision.

Today, we are going to explore decisions that relate to employee management, and the 3 types of employers that exist in the marketplace as a result of how they perceive the value of their human capital.

Enlightened Leader

Our favourite clients are the Enlightened Leaders who clearly understand that people are the strength of their businesses. These individuals possess a strong character and competence to lead their organizations, and work tirelessly to harness the collective strength of their teams to build a mutually beneficial employment relationship. Oftentimes, they go above the laws and regulations to become a recognized employer of choice and outstanding performers in their specific industries.

Their biggest worry is how to retain their top talent, so a lot of effort is placed on creating a positive working environment and providing the required work tools to keep their employees productive. They are always measuring the internal climate with Employee Satisfaction Surveys to look for ways to continuously improve. These business leaders truly listen to their employees and act upon suggestions to ensure that workers are appropriately motivated and engaged. Their organizations are characterized by a culture of innovation and forward thinking managers who enthusiastically implement new employee management programs with gusto because they see the positive change that can result.

If you are seeking a way to leverage your internal people resources, contact an HR Services Consultant to help develop an Employee Satisfaction Survey that allows you to measure your effectiveness as an employer. There is always room for improvement, so arm yourself with the knowledge to make the right decisions for your firm.

Status Quo

On the other hand, there is the Status Quo leader who stifles innovation and change. Their inability to adapt to market changes will erode the firm’s competitive position over time, but it is often a slow death that is hard to pinpoint. These leaders are focused heavily on daily operations and have lost sight of the larger vision.

Their main concern is to basically comply with employment standards to maintain their right to operate. At the beginning, this choice to simply follow the letter of the law versus actively developing a powerful work culture is due to financial constraints. Even when the company grows in financial strength, this initial mindset will remain unless there is awareness coupled with proactive action that the company has reached a new stage in business development that requires a different model of leadership.

The HR Services Consultants at Honiva Consulting Ltd., can help to conduct an HR Compliance Audit to ensure that relevant employment and business laws are followed appropriately. Then we can also help develop employee management programs to leverage your internal strengths to push you beyond the status quo.

Rule Breaker

Finally, there is the Rule Breaker who views people as nothing more than cogs in a larger wheel. Often found in corrupt legal environments where enforcement is non-existent. The lack of consequences creates opportunity for greed to fester, which results in terrible working conditions because the primary focus is on revenue generation. In these environments there is a lack of safety in the workplace, people are not treated well, and the employer would be hard-pressed to pass inspections by regulatory bodies.

Though it sounds like an extreme example, the sad reality is that these workplaces still exist. Obviously, a huge risk to run a business in this manner; it is a bigger danger to the employees that suffer these conditions to make a livelihood. Our hope is that these business owners empower themselves with knowledge to become better leaders. It is not hard to lift the business from this state, but it requires good intentions to start making the changes.

We would encourage them to join our online group “Insights by HonivaHR” hosted on LinkedIn and Facebook to learn simple changes they can make in the workplace to improve the overall work environment. It definitely has the capacity to work wonders to increase productivity and worker happiness, which are closely intertwined. It is a free resource to help business owners transform into strong employers.


Thus, business leaders can see that their choices truly affect the entire organization. It is our hope to build a great number of enlightened business leaders who value their people and always strive to make the best decisions that align with their morals and values.

Not every business leader is versed in the realm of human resources and employee management, but Honiva Consulting is here to support you in becoming outstanding employers. Our HR Service Consultants can help you create Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Performance Metrics, and Balanced Scorecards to enable your team to continuously measure the small changes within your internal environments. This proactive approach to gathering feedback will allow you to build a continuous improvement cycle that is responsive to subtle signals that indicate time to adapt for continued growth.

Our HR Service Consultants can also support compliance initiatives to help clients meet basic employment standards and business laws. Feel free to contact us for help with an HR Compliance Audit. If you are overwhelmed, we can also be reached for a free confidential consultation at +1-403-470-5350 or [email protected] to help you establish a path to enlightened employee management. For further details on additional service offerings, please visit our website at or follow along for more informative tips by joining us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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