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Talent management services

Talent Management

Supportive Talent Management

Honiva can work with you to Find, Evaluate, Onboard, and Integrate new members into your team.

  • Employer Branding – Our team can help you to define and refine your employer brand and company culture
  • Job Design – Our team can create job descriptions and assign a dollar figure to each job in your company
  • Workforce Planning – Our team can help you determine the next best step in building your team for the future
  • New Hire Forms – Our team can create and revamp your HR forms to ensure the employment relationship is positive
  • Employee Onboarding – Our team can build and implement orientation programs to welcome and integrate new employees
Find Qualified Candidates with Defined Recruitment Processes and Onboarding Programs

Areas of Focus

HR Department Setup

Honiva will work with you to develop the structure, systems, policies, and procedures necessary to run an effective HR department.

Talent Management


Honiva will work with you to find, evaluate, onboard, and integrate new members into your team.

Total Rewards

Honiva will work with you to design, build, implement, and evaluate your Compensation & Benefits Program.

HR Information Management

Honiva will work with you to put in place mechanisms to collect, store, retrieve, analyze, and destroy data in compliance with legislation.

We are good standing members of:

Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of Alberta (CPHR AB) World at Work Rewards Association