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Communicating Job Offers

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Hiring Excitement

Hiring a new employee is an exciting time of hope and anticipation. With the right candidate, you have the chance to share your business aspirations and grow together. Accordingly, it is crucial to ensure that your job offer is a strong one to give yourself a good start with your new team member.

A well-written employment contract is important to create the employee-employer relationship. However, we see many employers fail at this first step leading to failed hires.

Common Mistakes

Oftentimes, employers purchase templates online or through their legal counsel. Wherein, they end of up with an employment contract that is hard to read and understand as it is filled with legalease. Further, it may not have the clauses you need or there are extra ones that lead to unnecessary obligations.

We also see employers attempt to write it themselves. We also see numerous companies just add a signature line at the bottom of a job posting to serve as their employment agreement. These choices serve no one in a positive way. It doesn’t protect the employer and it certainly does not make a good first impression.

Easy HR Solutions

Hence, Honiva would encourage growing companies to seek help in preparing solid employment contracts. Our team custom writes based on the specific employee type, which can include full time, part time, permanent, temporary, or casual. We also do our best to echo your internal culture and language. Otherwise, you may cause unconscious dissonance in your communications.

It seems straightforward, but creating a binding contract involves a series of critical steps. For now, we want to start by sharing a bit of guidance on what should be included in an employment contract.

As a legal document that employees sign to initiate the employment relationship, it is a binding agreement. Where possible, it is a good idea to prepare the employment contract on company letterhead to make it look professional and official. Oftentimes, it will outline candidate and job details, such as key responsibilities, hours of work, compensation, and key company policies. It also includes details on start date, reporting manager, department name, and position title. There is much more, but we hope this gives you a good starting point. Again, we encourage you to reach out for assistance before making a job offer, so our team can craft enforceable employment agreements for you.

If you choose to forgo this advice, you may open your company up to significant risk that often results in financial and reputational harm. There are innumerable employment standards to follow throughout the employee-employer relationship. Plus, businesses also have obligations to follow human rights, privacy, and safety regulations that are often missed in contract writing.

Presenting Job Offers

Beyond the written employment agreement, it is important to communicate the job offer succinctly. Our team can help provide coaching to your internal recruiters or hiring managers to ensure that the most relevant information is shared during this critical moment. It is a rare chance to set initial expectations for your work relationship, share a bit more about the company, and answer any lingering questions from the candidate so they are equipped to make a firm decision on your job offer.

Our team will provide the HR education that you need to make the best people management decisions, so you have the best possible relationship with your team.

Here to Help

If you need assistance to write employment contracts, we can help. Please feel free to connect with our team at Honiva at +1-587-602-6975 or [email protected].

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