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Prepare to Hire with Smart Job Design

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Opportunity for Better

Business activity is picking up and companies are looking to grow their headcount. Unfortunately, it is often a haphazard decision that leads to underwhelming hiring outcomes due to operational pressures to find employees right away.

Thankfully, there is a possibility to do better and we would like to share a few ideas to secure the best talent.

A Few Helpful Tips

Firstly, it is important to understand the type of employee you need. Hiring Managers must take the time to build the job itself. It is both an art and science to get it right, so please do ask for help as you get started. There are a lot of considerations as you build each job within your organization. It can literally make or break you, so it should not be taken lightly.

A poorly designed job can lead to frustration for recruiters who can not find a satisfactory or realistic market match. It can also lead to an employee who is disappointed or overwhelmed due to misalignments between their expectations and employer requirements. Going further, it can obligate the employer to unnecessary requirements that push up their labour costs and open them up to potential employment standards and safety incidents.

We regularly see employers taking shortcuts or skipping key steps. Yet, the ones that do go through solid job design are reaping the rewards. It is not a mystery, just some good thoughtful work to put a job together.

Additional Considerations

It should be further recognized that building a job is just one piece of the talent management. We would encourage your team to discuss how the individual jobs fits within the larger organizational structure to ensure the ultimate jobholder can contribute to your strategic goals. There are many ways to hire talent, each with its own set of entitlements and obligations.

As well, there should be appropriate precautions taken to assess and evaluate incoming talent to ensure employees fit your culture and work environment. Where possible, it is also a good idea to determine how the future employee will be evaluated and rewarded for their contributions.

There is no need to herald a future of internal conflict and upset, you can do better at all stages of the hiring process.

Here to Help

If you need assistance with building the different positions and jobs within your company, we can help. Please feel free to connect with our team at Honiva as you tackle your HR files at +1-587-602-6975 or [email protected].

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