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Quality Counts

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Honiva has had the chance and fortune to meet amazing business owners through the last 15 years of our life. Many of these leaders are quiet about the lengths they go to create happy work environments and successful companies that provide a livelihood to an immeasurable number of people.

Over the course of the year, we would like to shine the light on a few employers in our community who exemplify good stewardship in meeting their employer responsibilities along with the unique ways they respond to the needs of their team.

Our first Employer Highlight showcases No Payne Roofing, which is owned and helmed by Mike Payne from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Since inception in 2012, they have followed a simple adage, “Quality over Quantity in every way possible.” They have never wavered from this lofty ideal, even when they did not have the funds during the start-up years. Today, that lofty ideal has become reality, shaping their very culture and decisions.

Being smart, they started by hiring a small crew focusing on deep relationships and work safety to build their reputation. By doing so, No Payne Roofing can respect the lifestyle of individual employees who come to work with them. They have struck the right balance that it is not a big deal to give people time off when they need it.

Their approach to allowing employees to have a life outside of work enables people to build a full life, wherein they want to come to work. It removes the need for Mike to be a leader who manages through fear and intimidation. Rather, he can lead his team through positive role modelling and compassion.

Again, you can see the care that Mike holds for each person on his team. For instance, there was one time when he heard of an employee making the decision to quit as they could not start work at a specified time, he simply changed their start time. Not a big issue and kept a great person on their team.

Altogether, by intentionally building a team on a more personal basis, Mike has been able to see them work towards making sure there is always quality top of mind. A team that is not stressed by circumstances within or outside the company can focus and make good choices. It is a win for the employer, employee, and clients.

These snippets of Mike and his team give a peek into the world he has created. A very nice one where people enjoy their work and the company of their crew. We would highly recommend this team for any roofing replacement and repair on your commercial, industrial, or residential properties. That way, they can continue to be awesome and provide even more job opportunities where people will enjoy coming to work.

You can do right and well!

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