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Achieving Business Wins

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Winning feels good. It is the emotion of achievement and success. Some people simply glow inside, others have a happy dance to celebrate these special moments. Altogether, it is a feeling of joy that emanates from the inside that encourages us to push forward to greater heights.

Today, we would like to focus upon the joys of seeing the strength of your team shine. As we take a look around, it is clear that the skill for people manage is a special rare one. Hence, we would like to share a few insights to help new leaders create high performing teams. From the people management perspective, we would like to discuss performance management in the workplace. We will also speak to the importance of the work environment and culture in propelling a company forward.

Culture Glue

Firstly, it is important to lay the foundation of your success. It takes a very coordinated effort, but a few aspects to note include a clear vision, business strategy, and culture. Culture is the glue that holds your team together, it repels threats, and helps you make good decisions.

During times of strong business growth, your culture will help you sidestep bad mistakes and poor decisions. During times of challenge, it will keep critical pieces of your business together so you can survive. Without a doubt, a strong company culture can make a huge difference in achieving business wins. We urge you to take the time to figure out your company culture at the outset. It already exists, you simply need to give it a voice and soul that can touch others meaningfully.

Fruitful Relationships

Moving along, it is important to recognize that your employees are the physical representation of your culture. Understanding this reality, you need to take care of your people assets. You will need to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each person to build a fruitful working relationship. This part is hard as witnessed by countless employers who launch a performance management program that turns into an empty form-filling exercise. Wherein, the true value is lost. Thankfully, performance management practices have existed for well over a half century. The choice to try through trial and error can work. Or you can make the choice to ask for help. Either way, we hope that you give it a good solid effort.

As with many critical initiatives, planning is key to success. It is also helpful to have current job descriptions, so you have a baseline upon which to conduct performance evaluations. The ability to recognized helpful versus destructive employee contributions will enable you to identify the strong performers and the ones that need some course correction. Moreover, another aspect to consider is frequency. Long stretches of inattention will lead to a reactive culture, while overly frequent performance reviews can be overwhelming and take the team away from doing work needed to run and grow the business. Again, there are ways to strike a good balance.

Connecting Circles

Once you have a solid culture and good functional teams, you will see positive business results. It takes time to get to this marvelous point, but it is doable. From there, you can take another step forward to connect your performance management program with your total rewards program. If you manage to design both programs to align with your culture, you will be able to direct your company towards greater levels of success where everyone feels like a winner.

Here to Help

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