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Stellar Employment Contracts

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Beyond the legalities of knowing what clauses to include or exclude from an employment contract, there are other aspects to enhancing its enforceability and effectiveness. In fact, we would like to share a couple ideas to help business owners establish positive and productive relationships with each member on their team. Specifically, we will look into the job offer step, employee onboarding, and workplace design.

Job Offer Step

After going through the motions to screen and evaluate potential candidates, there will come a day when you get to present a job offer. It is crucial that the person presenting the job offer understand their actions will dictate the future success of that candidate and the company overall. That moment should never be taken lightly. Essentially, the new employee’s future engagement, productivity, and longevity will be impacted by this last step in the hiring process.

Firstly, make sure the employment contract is written so that anyone can understand, rather than a document full of complicated legalese. The person presenting the job offer should be able to explain each clause in simple terms. If not, it should be rewritten properly. We would suggest a verbal offer to give the good news with a personal touch to deliver the final hiring decision. During that phone call it may be helpful to highlight a few of the contractual terms of the job offer. After that, you can follow-up with the detailed terms and conditions when you send over an employment contract. Even better, if can give a full new hire package containing all the employee forms they need to complete before their first day of work.

We would also recommend that a single point of contact is available to answer any questions from the candidate as they consider the job offer before them. Some common questions can include details around security procedures when they arrive for their first day of work, dress codes, payroll schedules, benefits enrollment.

Employee Onboarding

Expanding upon the new hire experience, we would highly recommend that an orientation session is held within the first few weeks of work to help the employee familiarize themselves with workplace rules and team supports. When the employee arrives at their office, workstation or work mobil that there are basic supplies ready for them. It is also a good time to set expectations on acceptable and unacceptable workplace behaviours, so that the work relationship can start on a good footing. Further, it creates a forum or space for the new employee to ask clarification questions that might have gone unanswered in the excitement of receiving the job offer.

Be aware that each individual comes from a different life path or cultural background, so they may need time to adjust to their new life. It is best to be explicit in communicating internal HR policies, timekeeping procedures, and your own work methodologies. It is also a good idea to incorporate an overview of your total rewards package and safety program at the outset.

If you have a chance, we would recommend that the new hire orientation session be developed into a full onboarding program that guides the employee through the first year of their employment. That effort will alleviate information overload and help turn your company into a high performance organization that always maintains a focus on supporting employees, so they can be their best.

Workplace Design

Another area that can impact the employment relationship is workplace design. Everything from the layout and types of rooms will direct employee behaviour. Where possible, have a mix of private quiet work spaces for deep thinking and open common areas for collaborative work activities. By designing a physical workspace that blends different communication and work styles, you can allow people to gravitate towards work spaces that feel the most natural for them to work the most effectively.

Moreover, a workplace that encourages team communication will inspire employees to help each other. That way, they can learn from each other too.

Summary of Thoughts

By taking these handful of tips and implementing them in your workplace, you will take the promises in the employment contract and turn them into reality. That is how you can ensure that it is truly stellar, because you have translated the terms and conditions into promises which are more meaningful. Otherwise, it will only remain as a piece of paper that people revisit when the employment relationship breaksdown.

With the help of our team, we can support you in the quests to create a positive and productive workplace where people enjoy working and want to stay for the bulk of their career. Wherein, the employment contract is a formality and there is greater trust in each other that every effort will be taken to maintain a good working relationship together.

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