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Beware: Common Job Seeker Lies

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One area that doesn’t receive enough attention revolves around the lies that job seekers put forth as they try to convince employers to hire them. Hence, there can be many instances where hiring activities can go awry. Thankfully, the lies are fairly common and easy to spot. Here are a few of them:

Exaggerated Dates There is great likelihood that people will have gaps in their employment history. Yet, it is one aspect that can hurt a job seeker’s employability which leads to people hiding the gaps in their resume. It is very easy to verify dates of employment by asking questions directly to the candidate. Employers can also confirm dates of employment by conducting thorough reference checks. Where possible, try to understand why the gaps exist before you make a decision on the candidates viability as a potential employee.

Inflated Experience Similarly, job seekers may feel the urge to inflate their work experience as they aim to secure higher level jobs. In the event that they are hired, it will likely lead to a frustrating work relationship where the employee is unable to perform and meet the expectations for their job. So, it is important to be wary of people who are overly zealous in their claims. This misrepresentation takes a bit more digging to find the truth. Whereby, it is a good idea to hold interviews that are attended by an HR representative and hiring manager who is familiar with the job tasks associated with different job levels. Otherwise, you may find yourself needing to rehire for the same role.

False Credentials Another place where job seekers may lie is related to their education and professional credentials. Life is full of interruptions and detours that may cause people to abandon their professional development pursuits or they may have simply bought their certifications. The skill level of forgers is incredible, so be careful if knowledge is critical for the employee to succeed in the workplace, such as professional services or the medical field. You can simply run a credential check to verify if your candidate finished their studies. Moreover, there are agencies that provide this additional service.

Outlandish Pay Job Seekers are also often asked about their past pay rates or salary expectations. This question is a good way to gauge if the job seeker understands their value and the requirements of the position, but the employer should have a set budget for each vacancy they are filling. Greed is a miserable human quality, which exists quite strongly in some people. Be very careful to observe how this question is answered during interviews with the candidate.

Shady Pasts Furthermore, not everyone is perfect and they may have faced personal struggles in the past. The higher levels of depression, anxiety, and addiction in society is reflected in the workforce. Do your best to vet for the mental strength and fortitude of the candidate to determine if they can overcome adversity after they have made mistakes. Some people are capable of rehabilitation, while others will forever struggle. If you do hire someone with personal struggles, be aware you have obligations to accommodate which could impact your entire company.

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