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Finding Top Talent

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Talent Management

Last week, we talked about a few aspects to consider when building a team, but where do you find these wonderful people?

We will speak to a few of the most common methods and places to find such individuals, instead of rehashing stats that may not be relevant to your own business. Hopefully, the ideas that follow will inspire you to innovate your recruitment marketing strategies.

Word of Mouth

Time and time again, we hear employee referrals are a top source for future team members. Depending on the strength of your employer brand and culture, this source can bring in a wonderful array of employees who fit perfectly. It you have a weak or undefined culture, it may be a good idea to strengthen it before initiating any hiring activities.

There are many benefits to introducing employee referral programs and encouraging greater word of mouth. The main ones include people who are more aligned to your values and work approach, so there is a greater possibility that they will be productive sooner and stay longer. The other significant benefit is better team cohesion, because you are bringing in a person who already has a close workplace connection and friend who can help to teach the unwritten rules of the workplace. The stronger bonds between your team members, the better the business will fare.

Like anything, moderation is key. The downside of an overly successful employee referral program is that your workforce becomes homogenous, so do blend it with other avenues when searching for your future star employee. The other negative is that if there are breakdowns and friction within the team, they will likely be more destructive in cases where close family and friends work together.

Skill Clusters

Another method of finding employees is a little bit more scientific. Wherein, you can advertise heavily in a location where your potential employees hang out or live. Due to the variations in education systems and life opportunities within different cities, different professional clusters will arise. The most famous ones are the manufacturing hub in Shenzhen or Silicon Valley in California. If you carry out some thorough workforce planning studies, you will have the knowledge to better target your recruitment marketing campaigns.

The benefit of hiring from a cluster is that you are more likely to find more refined talent, because they have an ecosystem that enables for higher levels of professional development and experience. This aspect is important, especially if you are deciding where to expand your business because it will affect the odds of finding the right talent wherever you go. That being said, the specialized talent that you seek may not be readily available as it is a stiff labour market within some job families.

Passive Recruitment

Lastly, it is a good idea to always keep an open eye and open ear to the ground to identify fantastic talent. You may not have a vacancy open, but it can be prudent to keep a watch on who would be a smooth fit into your work environment. Oftentimes, when you are not actively looking the best arrives. Plus, it is nicer to work with people who truly want to be a part of your organization versus someone who was skilled and just wanted a job. The work dynamic is quite different, as are the outcomes of such relationships.

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