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Building a Fantastic Team

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The elusive High-Performance Team is the epitome of business success. Yet, few leaders and managers understand how to create such teams within their organizations.

We would like to shine a light into the debate surrounding effective team building. Hopefully, it will help guide you on your quest to build that magical team of champions.

Solid Ethics

Albeit, there is a rise in the self-leading team, it does take extra effort to create those independent functioning units. To keep it simple, let’s look at the traditional work team where there is a leader at the helm.

Going back to earlier conversations, one key characteristic of a leader who is equipped to take a team to wonderful heights of amazingness is their ethics. There is such a great downside of having unethical leaders, be sure to vet for people who have personal integrity and accountability. These individuals are the ones that set the tone for direct reports. It is extremely important to choose your leaders wisely. Keep in mind you don’t need to appoint a single leader, it can be a shared responsibility amongst a handful of key people.


Not only do you need a work group that will take ethical action, it is important that they can make decisions too. Each team member should have a chance to voice their opinions and come to a consensus on collective action.

Taking a look from another angle, it is also important that there is a can-do attitude to push the boundaries and experiment to empower success through continuous improvement and ongoing innovation.

Confidence within the team and trust amongst each person can make a difference on positive business outcomes. Hence, communication is tied very closely to the success of any team. Be sure to encourage open discussion and dissenting views, so you come to the best conclusions.


Once decisions are made and a path forward is set, it is important that each person pull their weight for the benefit of their team. It may be a good idea to determine appropriate metrics or milestones to enable objective clarity when it comes to evaluating team performance at the individual level. Don’t forget to find a way to check-in with each person to determine if anyone needs extra support. Many businesses are experiencing new opportunities and challenges which are unprecedented, which means collaboration is paramount to help the entire team make progress.


Lastly, when and where it is possible we would advise that leaders take the time to develop close bonds amongst their team. The better one builds awareness of the self and others, the more effective you can become. Another benefit of fostering relationships amongst team members is the development of wonderful friendships, which will make coming to work even better. Just imagine a workplace where you are spending time with good friends each day, you will definitely be much more motivated and engaged to deliver the best.

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