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Bringing Back the Team

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Health & Safety

As more businesses begin to reopen, teams who were laid off or have been working remotely are beginning to return to the workplace. This pandemic has affected every business in one way or another, and as we move into the recovery phase there are some key things for employers to keep in mind.

Health and Safety

The pandemic has necessitated the creation of new protocols to keep people safe and healthy. Changes such as providing masks and hand sanitizer are important to help contain the spread of COVID-19 as we move forward. In Alberta, a series of guidelines for various business types can be found online.

Recalling Employees

Keep in mind that certain notice requirements apply when recalling employees who had been laid off. If you are not sure of the proper steps to take, contact us and we will walk you through them. Now is also a good time to update any employment contracts, policy manuals, etc. Any company property that employees had been using from home should also be returned to the office.

Managing Terminations

If a company is unable to recall an employee and must terminate, there are steps that must be followed. Keep in mind that there may be termination costs, depending on the details of the situation. Honiva can help you understand how to navigate this tricky path, if it becomes necessary.

Looking Ahead

Some teams may find it nice to have a small celebration upon coming back together – while, of course, continuing to adhere to all public health guidelines. Now that summer has arrived, socially-distanced outdoor activities may be a good option. It is also a good idea to talk with your team about what lies ahead as a new-normal is established – including projects, priorities, challenges, and changes.

Here to Help

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