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Improving Workplace Safety

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Health & Safety

As more and more jurisdictions begin reopening, the term “workplace safety” has taken on a whole new meaning that wouldn’t have crossed the minds of most employers just six short months ago. As we learn to adapt to the “new normal”, it is important to understand what your employees may be feeling and to take steps to provide a workplace that’s as safe as possible.

Building Infrastructure

Consider having ducts cleaned and your HVAC system evaluated by a qualified technician. In many cases, air filters, air purifiers, and air extractors can be a good option to improve air quality. Plus, they may also have the benefit of improving indoor conditions for allergy sufferers. If there was ever a year to minimize the days allergy sufferers spend with itchy eyes and runny noses, 2020 is it!

If you have an open-plan workspace, consider adding cubicle partitions or raising the height of existing partitions . These changes will help to create physical barriers, which may not be the best for workplaces that have a high level of collaboration. At the end of the day, employers will have to make decisions that will balance safety with operational needs. If workstations are positioned close together, consider alternating occupied desks to provide greater physical distancing. Employers may also want to take a second look at how they schedule their workforce to minimize interactions that are too close for comfort. It is best to start gradually, so employees can adapt to new workplace changes and behavioural expectations.

Finally, consider upgrading washroom fixtures to no-touch options for toilet handles, faucets and soap dispensers. You may also want to install safety shields or partitions. We would highly recommend the ones fabricated by Exhibit Studio Ltd., because they are stable and very well designed for stability. You don’t want your safety shield falling down and becoming useless. Invest in the best!

Workplace Additions

There are many options for anti-microbial coatings, which can be considered too. Certain products are available that offer antimicrobial properties, such as items made from copper which has been used for eons. Additionally, antimicrobial coatings can be applied to high-touch areas such as counters and door handles. Be sure to research the effectiveness of these products before bringing them into your workspace.

In addition, it is useful to provide disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers at key locations throughout the work premises. Some employers may also consider providing masks to their employees.

Communicate and Listen

Be sure to let your employees know about any measures you are taking to help ensure their health and safety. Additionally, take the time to listen to any concerns your team may have. Many people may be apprehensive about returning to the workplace, especially if they share a home with someone who may be higher risk or take public transit to and from the workplace. With a little care and planning, it is possible to take steps toward ensuring a safe and healthy workforce.

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