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Operating Again – Restarting on the Right Foot

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After the upheaval of the last few months, businesses have begun to reopen and are starting to settle in to a new normal. Many business owners have used this time to step back and take stock of who they are, and what strengths and weaknesses the business might face. Now, it’s time to look at ways to focus on supporting your team and building a stronger company than ever before. For this article, we will be focusing on the cultural element and its role in strengthening a business.

Setting Expectations

Whether you are hiring anew, recalling employees who had been laid off, or fortunately didn’t experience gaps in your team, now is a good time to reaffirm expectations with your team. The goal posts in terms of how “success” is defined may have moved in the last three months; the same goes for employee expectations. Be sure your team understands what is expected of them, and any changes that may have been implemented in their absence. New employees will need to be made aware of what’s expected of them and existing employees must be brought up to speed in an effective manner. As you reset the expectations for your team, it is critical to emphasize your culture and values in terms of how it connects to decision making and behaviour in the workplace.

Company Culture

Culture building is likely to look different over the next while compared to before the pandemic. Large scale celebrations are likely to be replaced with video chats and online industry forums. Despite these changes, company culture remains an important aspect of a company’s employee experience and should continue to be nurtured. Some may like the change, while others may miss the in-person interactions. It is a good idea to touchbase with team members to gather their feedback to determine what will work best for your team.

Illuminate the Path to Success

Employees thrive when they know how their efforts are contributing to success – both their own professional success and that of the company as a whole. Show your team examples of how their effort makes a difference, and consider creating a framework that turns success into tangible rewards (such as a merit bonus for achieving certain objectives). Again, communication is very important to keep everyone informed, especially if you decide to continue working remotely.

As we slowly move toward some semblance of normal, keep looking ahead – the best may be yet to come!

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