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Supporting the New Dream

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Whether you are embarking on a completely new business venture or taking the steps to pivot a previous idea, it is critical to have the right team in place – and the right HR infrastructure to support that team. Here are some key things to consider that will help you support your dream with the right HR foundation.

The Planning Process

Before diving headfirst into filling seats, take the time to carefully plan your human resource needs. Take the time to identify the roles you will want to fill, the skills needed for each role, the responsibilities of each hire, and to whom they will report. Consider both immediate and medium-term needs when looking at your talent needs. Then, reach out to an HR professional to help you draft the perfect job posting to attract the right candidates. (Some business owners are tempted to simply copy and paste job postings from other companies who are hiring for similar roles. We recommend against that – it is important that the candidates you attract are the right candidates for the unique needs of your business and company culture).

Building your power team of star employees can be the difference between success and failure. Please be aware that there are several steps that should be completed before you blast off a job posting to the universe to find your next employee. It doesn’t hurt to ask for help, so we strongly recommend it as one of your first steps to set yourself on the right path for success. We love helping new ventures at this stage of development, because there are a lot of options to enable you to build a long term resilient company.

Recruitment Done Right

With your workforce plan in place and a crystal clear picture of your organization’s needs, it is time to get hiring. Skills, education, and experience matter, of course – but it is also important to consider culture fit. Will this person thrive in the type of environment you wish to create? Someone with a history of thriving at companies with a relatively flat organizational chart and collaborative approach might find him or herself feeling stifled at a company that adheres rigidly to a hierarchy and demands a lot of individual work. Having a sense of the types of candidates that will thrive in your organization will go a long way toward preventing costly hiring mistakes. Again, feel free to reach out to our team at Honiva Consulting Ltd. to craft your recruitment strategy and methods to find the best fit people who can propel your business forward.

Onboarding Your New Hire

Now that you have determined your hiring needs and have found the right candidate(s), next comes the onboarding process. Having a clearly defined orientation program will help your new hire to hit the ground running much more quickly. Ensure you have all necessary employment contracts and policy manuals ready and up-to-date before the new employee starts their first day. It may also be beneficial to determine what sort of on-the-job training your new hire will need. Even seasoned professionals will need an introduction to your company’s procedures, workflow, and software (if applicable).

Honiva Consulting Ltd. has over 13 years experience in helping employers lay the right foundation for sustainable company growth. We can help with organizational design, governance procedures, onboarding program development, and much more.

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