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Effective Communication by Employers during the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

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As the government works towards containing the spread, addressing concerns on paying bills and surviving through the containment efforts, the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has created tremendous amount of stress on employers and employees around the world.

Staying indoors, little communication and a lot of uncertainty has created a great level of anxiety and stress. It is a difficult time for everyone. The fear of impact, news of job losses, closure of services and facilities have added levels of stress.

It is important to plan an effective communication strategy to boost employee morale, prevent loss of focus and impact on productivity. To cope up with the current scenario, effective communication is vital.

Tools and Solutions for Effective Communication

  • Some possible solutions to reduce misperceptions and calms the fear and will help to bridge the gap are as follows
  • Create a support team, nominate enough representatives from each department
  • Plan relevant and accurate communication materials along with FAQ’s
  • Introduce new materials in topics like employee wellness
  • Engage in training and support activities
  • Communicate regularly by providing updates
  • Informing employees of the reliable information sources and workplace policies related to COVID-19 with clear instructions on what to do in specific scenarios (such as a colleague acquiring the virus)
  • Acknowledge when you don’t currently know an answer and provide answers as they become available is also important

Appropriate communication content and language is essential; preparing materials that are accurate, interesting (covering wide range of topics) and published on a regular basis will boost employee morale.

Apart from the company communication, managers can help by arranging team conference calls and check-in calls on a regular basis to discuss work in progress and well-being.

Even when there is little to update, it is important to constantly engage with employees to keep employee morale high. Infrequent or incorrect communication will only lead to more employee fears and further workforce disruption.

A successful integrated communication strategy will help everyone safely pass through this turbulent phase.

Here to Help

If you are struggling during this trying time, Honiva Consulting Ltd. is here to help. you have questions surrounding how to plan and manage effective communication during this time, are unsure of options to support your business, or need help navigating swiftly-changing labour legislation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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