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Harnessing the Power of Culture

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Not all metrics for success are easily quantifiable, so the importance of having an actively engaged executive leadership team can not be underestimated. Understanding the tangible impact of culture on employee productivity, engagement and retention will help illuminate how a sense of purpose and belonging connects to your bottom line.

Employee Engagement

The culture you try to shape in your workplace should be built around your overall company vision and broad objectives. It is essential that your employees feel that their contributions are making an impactful difference towards those objectives. Communicating openly with your staff to help them understand their role and why it is important to the company mission will help keep them engaged with the shared culture. It also creates a sense of belonging and increases buy-in for any necessary changes to move the company forward.

Being able to recognize the impact of one’s work is a critical component of employee satisfaction. Always try to build an environment where the entire business process – from client acquisition to product/service delivery – is transparent to your workers, and that they understand where their role fits into the broad picture as a vital component of that process.

Rewards and Recognition

By keeping employees engaged and involved, you will find that their output is better and your ability to retain the best talent will improve without being dependent on regular pay raises to keep your workers motivated. That misguided approach will only increase your long term labour cost obligations, which will tie your hands to make more impactful and meaningful investments in your team.

By eliminating the need to continuously raise wages to inspire a strong work ethic, this allows your business the flexibility to offer more memorable rewards and recognition programs. One approach can be offering more experiential rewards such as event tickets, social gatherings or travel packages, employees will associate the memories they build with the positive company culture that contributes to their lifestyle.

Some companies also prefer to invest in health and wellness programs for their employees by providing fitness centres on-site or through health club membership subsidies. Rewards programs don’t have to be all fun and games to demonstrate that you care about your employees’ health and well-being is another perfectly valid way of building a positive workplace culture that will be beneficial to both the company and its staff.

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