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Planning for 2020: Updating Your HR Documents

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It is no secret that executing HR activities often involves paperwork – and much of that paperwork includes forms and employee management documents that must be regularly updated to reflect the changing needs of the business. As we look ahead to 2020, here are some key HR documents you will want to ensure you have available, and that those forms are current.

Organizational Chart

Does your company have an organizational chart? Is it kept up to date? It is important that your organizational chart (or “org chart”, as it’s commonly known) is updated when positions are added, eliminated, or re-organized. It is an essential tool for headcount management, which can enable your management team to make decisions and monitor labour costs, span of control, reporting lines, communication channels, and monetization paths. Plus, it provides a clear visual to employees so they can better understand their place and purpose within the larger picture.

Job Descriptions

Each position in the organizational chart should have a corresponding written job description. Roles often evolve over time, especially in smaller organizations where one person is often expected to wear many hats. Ensure the job descriptions reflect the current duties and responsibilities of each role, and that the duties align with the pay band for that position. Again, it will also help you create and modify different jobs as the business transforms and grows. Thereby, preventing instances of confusion because each person will have a stronger grasp of their role responsibilities. Moreover, it is a very useful tool to guide conversations around performance management and professional development.

Overtime Authorization Forms

If your company does not track overtime using a technological solution such a time clock, it may be necessary to keep track using a form designed for this purpose. If your company is Alberta-based, note that legal requirements for overtime entitlement changed in September 2019; it is important to ensure your form(s) reflect these changes. Further, it will help your team control labour costs to make determinations on when a new position should be added or if it is just situations where temporary increases in labour hours is required.

Time Off Request Forms

Do you have forms in place for your employees to formally request time off? These may need to be updated each year to account for any changes in time off legislation or any specific blackout dates. Review your Time Off Request Forms to ensure they are ready for 2020. For companies operating in Alberta, there have been significant changes in this area. Hence, it is a good time to make the updates to ensure ongoing legal compliance to properly code time off hours during payroll processing activities.

Expense Reimbursement Forms

If any of your employees need to request reimbursement for company-related expenses, a form outlining the details of the expense is needed. It is also a good idea to outline when an employee can expect the reimbursement to be paid out.

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