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Celebrating Halloween in the Workplace

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Happy Halloween! Halloween is a popular holiday in Canada and the United States, and increasingly, overseas. Not just for kids, celebrating Halloween in the workplace can be a great way for coworkers to bond and blow off a bit of steam.

Here are four fun ways to celebrate Halloween at work:

Pumpkin Carving

Individual employees or teams can work together to carve a pumpkin – some workplaces also hold competitions, awarding prizes to the best designs. Employees can carve their own designs, or pre-drawn templates can be provided.

Halloween Lunches

Teams can bring in a potluck, sharing Halloween themed snacks, treats, and meal items. Play some Halloween music and really get into the Halloween spirit!

Office Decorations

If possible, encourage employees to decorate their workspaces. A few Halloween decorations can add a fun and spooky flair, which can boost employee morale. It is like bringing a change of scenery into the workplace. Don’t be afraid to change up the day-to-day a bit.

Encourage Costumes

Encourage employees to dress up for Halloween! It can be fun to run a costume contest, with a few different categories such as silliest costume, scariest costume, and coziest costume. If your company is large, departments or teams can work together to come up with themed group costumes.

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