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Company Culture Series: Company Traditions

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Does your company have any traditions? Today’s employees generally spend 40 hours (or more) per week at the office. Planned events and other small touches can go a long way in helping employees to remain engaged and positive about the workplace, which in turn can have a significant impact on reducing turnover or increasing retention over the long term.

Celebratory Traditions

Many companies make a point of celebrating staff birthdays and workplace anniversaries with the company. Some will celebrate birthdays by taking the guest of honour to lunch or by providing a cake. Just make sure you have their permission to recognize employee birthdays publicly. Not all want it to be celebrated the same way.

Employment anniversaries can also be celebrated. Facebook is known for celebrating each employee’s annual “Faceversary” with custom balloons indicating the number of years of service, along with Facebook posts to the employee offering congratulations. Employees themselves will often get in on the celebration, posting about the accomplishments of the past year, and looking ahead to the future.

Annual Traditions

Some workplaces celebrate certain holidays with annual traditions. If the nature of the work allows, employees can be encouraged to dress up for Halloween or decorate a team Christmas tree. The summer season lends itself well to an annual company barbecue or picnic. Company Christmas parties are also a good tradition, and can be scaled up or down depending on what the budget allows.

Little Things

Not all company traditions have to take place on a grand scale. Perhaps once every two weeks the team will take an early lunch and have brunch together. Maybe each employee in a given department takes turns buying coffee or treats for each other. Given the amount of time employees spend at work, small things like this can make the workplace feel more human.

At the end of the day, the extra effort does make a difference as evidenced by research studies that demonstrate happy employees are more productive, enabling a business to become stronger and more sustainable long term. It translates into dollars and cents, but also has many positive intangible benefits to the business too.

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