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Company Culture Series: Employer Branding and Communication

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Company Culture Series: Employer Branding and Communication

Employer branding has become a focus over the last several decades as employers have begun to understand how important their brand is to prospective candidates. Not to be confused with a company’s corporate or consumer brand, employer branding is focused on the image a company puts forward to its current employees as well as those who may be considering employment with the company.

Why is it Important?

In all areas, but particularly in markets with lower unemployment rates, employers must compete to attract and retain top talent. Clear messaging that conveys your employer brand is likely to help attract highly-qualified candidates, as they will have a better understanding of the company and what the employee experience within that company is like. It also helps to retain existing talent, as it serves to reinforce your company culture and can help to foster a sense of pride in your employees. According to LinkedIn, a great employer brand can reduce turnover by 28%, reduce the cost-per-hire by 50%, and increase the number of qualified applicants by 50%. Simply put, a strong employer brand is one of the most powerful tools in your company’s recruitment and retention arsenal.

Communicating your Brand

Your employer brand is communicated subtly in every interaction with current and prospective employees. That said, there are some key areas where it is important to ensure the employer brand is understood and effectively communicated:

1) Hiring Managers

Ensure your HR team and those tasked with interviewing prospective candidates, are well-prepared to provide insight into your company and what makes it a desirable place to work.

2) Website Careers Page

Many companies use their careers page to introduce prospective candidates to their employer brand, and provide a sense of the company culture a candidate can expect to find there. They use it as a forum to share their Employee Value Proposition, their promise to their team. International music streaming service Spotify, for example, conveys its brand with the bold headline “Join the band”, with a streaming video running beneath conveying the company culture. The breakdown of departments is titled “What’s your passion?”, conveying that passion is a key driver among Spotify recruits.

3) Internal Communications

Review all company memos, newsletters, and intranet, if applicable. Ensure the phrasing and tone of these materials is in line with the brand your company wishes to convey.

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