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Keeping Your Employees Safe

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Health & Safety

While discourse in the Human Resources field often focuses on matters such as compensation, personal growth, and employee benefits, employers must be careful not to overlook perhaps the most important responsibility when it comes to employing a team: keeping your employees safe.

Minimizing Risk

Perfection in any area is hard to achieve, but workplaces should strive for an injury/accident rate as close to zero as possible. A recent report prepared by the University of Regina stated that Alberta’s five-year injury-related workplace fatality rate is 3.8 per 100,000 workers – a number that has been decreasing. However, fatalities related to occupational diseases have been creeping up, increasing 2% over the previous period. Clearly, improvements have been made, but we still have a long way to go. People should not be hurt or killed at work.

Examining Contributing Factors

Even with solid Health & Safety Programs, workplace safety must always stay top-of-mind; complacency leads to an increased potential for accidents to happen.

When you are building your company, take the time to design jobs in a way that fosters opportunity for employees to stay alert, focused, and engaged; boredom can, in some cases, lead to carelessness, which can then lead to hazardous situations. Consider rotating employees who must perform dangerous yet repetitive tasks and ensure your team leaders do not become lax when enforcing health and safety protocols. Safety rules have been created for good reason, shortcuts can lead to regrettable consequences.

Health and Safety: An Inclusive Picture

Of course, workplace health and safety does not just mean keeping employees safe from physical harm. All employees have the right to work in a harassment-free, discrimination-free, hazard-free workplace. It is important to create an environment where such toxic behaviours are not tolerated, and employees have a safe and discreet method of reporting such incidents.

Your Honiva HR Services Consultant can help you improve your health and safety programand will assist you in taking a holistic approach to employee wellbeing.

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