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Motivating Top Talent

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In a competitive job market, employees who strive for excellence are often eager to find a work environment that rewards them for their effort. Maximizing the growth of your workforce from the inside out relies on cultivating the abilities of your most talented employees. They are driven to perform and achieve, pushing themselves to higher levels of competency. These employees are the ones that make a real difference in business prosperity, and often they are looking for more than just a pay raise or better benefits package. These employees have a different set of needs that employers would be wise to fulfill. Savvy employers have come to understand there are intrinsic motivators that can prove very valuable when it comes to motivating top talent.

Key motivator #1: Stability

Across generations that otherwise share quite different views on career and livelihood, job stability has consistently been among the most sought-after and revered aspects of any work environment. As an employer, what defines your company’s reputation for stability is a combination of consistent leadership practices, long-term goals, and a culture of growth where every employee feels like they are an important part of achieving those goals.

Key motivator #2: Meaningful Work

Part of creating this culture lies in providing purposeful work to your employees – ensuring that their roles are well-defined and important in the context of the company’s operations. This clarity comes from taking the time to properly plan and complete job design activities. Meaning can also be derived through corporate social responsibility. Top talent is more likely to be recruited by companies that offer engagement with local communities as a way of giving back through corporate social initiatives. Ensuring your community engagement initiatives are realistic and align with your company’s broader goals will ensure retention of the talent that this attracts, because it aligns with the overall business mission and values.

Key motivator #3: Personal Growth

To properly cultivate the top talent within your workforce, the employer should strive to provide meaningful growth to their employees on an individual basis as well. This can be achieved by way of providing additional training and education programs and introducing increased responsibilities to tap in to the desire for high achievers to learn. Vocational programs, certifications and other training credentials ensure that their knowledge and work skills remains up-to-date, as well as refreshing the professional competence of your top talent as you grow.

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