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Empowering Managers

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In many organizations, employers choose to promote from within. Wherein, individual employees that show strong contributions and future promise are moved into leadership roles as team leads, supervisors, foremen, or managers. This is a healthy practice and has the added benefit of creating managers who are well-versed in some or all of the roles they are overseeing. However, it is important to ensure that those promoted to leadership positions have the necessary soft skills and support to succeed in their new roles.

Why it Matters

An individual’s relationship with their manager has a major impact on job satisfaction, and strongly affects the likelihood of that person remaining with the company. According to a 2015 Gallup study, half of U.S. adults admit to having quit a job in order to “get away from their manager”. Empowering managers to be strong, respected leaders is crucial to minimizing turnover and maximizing employee satisfaction.

Ways to Support Managers

There are a variety of things an employer can offer to help skilled employees learn the skills required for successful people management:

• Mentorship Managers are given the opportunity to learn from others who offer their time to answer questions and provide guidance on how to handle different situations

• Supervisory Training This can be a mix of formal and informal training to help managers develop necessary skills geared towards team management

• Leadership Development Programs Depending on the size and needs of your organization, this formal approach can be facilitated by internal or external providers to move candidates through a series of learning experiences

• Job Shadowing New Managers shadow others in supervisory roles and learn through observation

• Stretch Assignments This approach allows a new supervisor to start by managing a small project team, then move to a larger departmental team, then perhaps a whole group of employees in a specific division/geographic region, refining their skills as they take on more responsibility. It is a more gradual learning approach.

Want to ensure your managers are well-equipped to provide the leadership needed? Your Honiva HR Services Consultant is happy to help you with training and development.

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