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Measuring Performance: Managing through Numbers

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Performance Management

Many employers understand that regular performance reviews are an important part of monitoring and measuring employee contributions or identifying early signs of trouble where more support is needed.

Determine Key Performance Indicators

How you measure productivity and performance will depend greatly on your industry, individual priorities for your own business, and employee role responsibilities. Some examples may include:

• Number of Work Orders Filled

• Number of Reported Defects

• Trends in Customer Surveys

• Output Rates

• Accuracy Rates

• Sales Revenue

• Completed Assignments

• Accident-Free Days

When Issues Arise

If it becomes apparent that performance and/or productivity are trending downward, take a moment to evaluate the situation. Is the employee dealing with a matter in their personal life that could be affecting work performance or perhaps there has been a brief seasonal change in workload? Take a broader look at the situation. Surprisingly, it can be a situation where the manager is impeding productivity which points to the fact that many employees quit their bosses.

If no temporary cause is identified, it is possible a long-term problem may be arising. Have demands on the employee’s time suddenly increased, causing them to struggle to keep up? Is there a directional change in consumer demand for your products or services? Has there been any change in resources available to carry out work properly? Changes in tangible resources may affect an employee’s ability to perform their duties; a change in workforce dynamics could result in an employee having to shoulder a larger workload. Or, perhaps a lack of training is to blame. There could be many causes to decreasing performance levels.

Identifying the cause(s) of performance fluctuations allow employers to make appropriate adjustments – additional training, more managerial support, reorganizing workload, or transferring the employee.

Still, there may be times when performance declines are simply because the employee lacks the necessary work ethic and level of care to perform their duties at an acceptable standard. In those cases, performance improvement plans or even termination may be the right recourse.

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