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How do You Know When You Are Ready for HR?

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Many entrepreneurs dream and work really hard to acquire new clients, create vendor relationships, share their expertise with the world, and ultimately build a sustainable business. All of these efforts are important, but they all look outward. Taking the time to ensure your business has an appropriate Human Resources foundation in place is just as important as the day-to-day execution of your business’ activities. As your business grows, the level of support HR support you need will grow along with it. To be proactive, business owners should consider accessing some level of HR support around the time they begin looking to hire their first employee or subcontractor. But how do you determine what areas you need support with, and when? Let’s take a look together.

Emerging Businesses

The world of HR is complex, and is filled with regulations and processes that may seem foreign to those without an HR background. If you’re looking to begin hiring employees, an experienced HR Services Consultant at Honiva Consulting Ltd. can help you navigate these confusing waters. To get started, first consider the various areas in which an HR Services Consultant can provide much-needed expertise. Some key areas that businesses often need help with include: • Compensation Planning • Group Benefits • Recruitment Support • Employer Branding • HR Systems Implementation

Depending on your needs, your business may benefit from assistance in some or all of these areas. We encourage business owners who are anticipating growth in their workforce to contact Honiva Consulting Ltd. for an Initial Consultation to pinpoint areas where you require support to empower your growth.

Process Overhaul

Perhaps you’ve been in business for some time and you already have a team of employees. You’re looking to become more competitive, and you want to ensure your HR policies and procedures are strong enough to attract and retain the best talent. An experienced HR Services Consultant can review some or all of the areas listed above and provide guidance to ensure your HR work practices and documentation are up-to-date and effective.

Ongoing HR Support

Further along as your business grows, you may need some administrative assistance in terms of planning, organizing and maintaining your HR systems. An HR Administrator or HR Advisor may be just what you need to keep HR programs and systems running cost efficiently.

Here to Help

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