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HR Systems: Tech Tools to Make Your Life Easier

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HR Information Management

Transitioning to a Paperless Organization

Now that you have your paper files organized, let’s look at options to leverage the employee data that you have just collected. After all, it would be a sad waste of business intelligence if you just let that information sit on a shelf.

Even though there are legal requirements to keep some documents in hard copy form, most can be digitized for easier access and usage. It is always a good idea to check with Legal Counsel before undertaking an e-filing or digitization project. Running a paperless organization is an amazing step forward in efficiency and performance, but it should be managed by an experienced project team.

To keep it simple, we will focus this article on the information found in an offer letter/employment contract and candidate resume.

Time Tracking System

Some of the most time-consuming and common questions received by HR staff revolve around Time-Off Eligibility and Time-Off Requests.

To save time, you can install a Time Tracking System to automate requests and approvals using information from offer letters. You can even add a dashboard with details on Time-Off Entitlements for individual employees, and even calculate any pay-out amounts too.

By implementing an electronic tracking tool, you stand to benefit greatly. You save money on paper, you save time spent on form-filling, and you enable your HR team to spend time on higher-value activities. Plus, you prevent employees from abusing time-off privileges. It also allows you to proactively monitor any absenteeism issues that are cropping up amongst your workforce.

Payroll Processing System

Another common system that employers utilize is payroll software. Depending on the choice you make, it can definitely be a worthwhile investment. A robust system should allow you to process payroll, calculate remittances, prepare payroll/tax slips, and perform reporting tasks.

It is highly recommended that you automate payroll as an initial step in enhancing HR performance, because it has the potential to have the greatest impact on your bottom line. Also, make sure to review your payroll registers on a regular basis to catch any processing mistakes. Proactive data audits will help prevent complaints relating to non-payment and missed deductions. Small mistakes definitely have the potential to derail a business with unnecessary reparations, financial penalties, and lawsuits.

Applicant Tracking System

Another useful tool is an Applicant Tracking System, especially if you are hiring a lot of people to keep pace with growth. There are a multitude of options, so make sure that you conduct some planning before you start shopping. That way you can ensure the choice you make performs the functions you most desire.

You also want to keep in mind the candidate experience when they are submitting their application to your company. Other popular features include abilities to integrate with existing business systems and social recruiting to reach larger job seeking audiences.

HR Information Management System

The last piece is the core of your Human Resources function. It stores all employee master data within a database where you can pull information into different reports. There are industry titans that offer enterprise suites that can connect to all areas of your business, called an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. There are also standalone Human Resources Information System (HRIS) options where you can attach different modules as you grow. Many even allow you to scan and attach files to specific areas, cutting down on your need for paper files.

Once again, it is a good idea to be prudent and spend time planning a system purchase. A Business Analyst or IT Project Manager would be a useful person to have on a system implementation project team.

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