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Setting Up New Employees for Success

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What’s Next?

Now that you have gone through the job design, recruitment marketing, and hiring activities; you have found your new star employee. Congratulations!! How do you make sure that they stay and make a positive contribution to your organization’s goals?

Setting Expectations

To get the relationship off to a good start, it is always a prudent idea to spell it out clearly. A written employment agreement would be the tool of choice for this part. Make sure you have input from your Legal Counsel to ensure that it is a sound contract with the appropriate clauses. The job description you created earlier should not be the contract, it should be included as an appendix item.


Before your new employee arrives, take some time to create a welcoming workspace for them with the necessary supplies to perform their work tasks. Depending on the job itself, workspace requirements will differ. For safety sensitive positions, don’t forget to provide required protective equipment and point out the emergency procedures to prevent accidents.

It doesn’t make a great first impression if you are building a desk/chair or plugging in a computer/phone as they are walking into their new office or cubicle. Surprisingly, this happens on a regular basis. You want to do your best to ensure your New Hire feels they made a good decision to join your company. It impacts your employee retention, you don’t want to scare them and end up back at square one hiring a replacement.

Also, don’t forget the IT setup so they can access the company network. Usually, the basics include a computer login, phone setup, printer setup, email account, and appropriate permissions for shared drives.

New Hire Orientation

Every company will have a different Onboarding Program for their employees. At the very least, a New Hire Orientation would be beneficial in sharing information about your organization and connecting them to internal resources. The more your employees understand the business, where they fit, who they can reach out to for help; the better they can support your priorities.

Most companies also have a separate orientation for their Total Rewards Program. Oftentimes, this includes details on their eligibility and application processes for different pay and benefits rewards. Monetary payouts are most impactful at the beginning to attract employees, but it is a whole different set of rewards that you can offer to motivate employees to stay with you.

Our specialty at Honiva Consulting Ltd. is designing Compensation Programs to encourage specific behaviours that align with your business performance goals. Contact us to answer your questions around how to effectively reward your employees with your current resources. We believe in rewarding good behaviour, while also managing business finances appropriately.

Follow Up

Onboarding a new employee does not stop once the first day is over. Set specific milestone dates to check-in with new employees to see if they need further support. Everyone is different, but it takes time for each person to fully integrate into a new work environment and culture.

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