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Job Postings

After a few weeks or months hashing out the initial information needed to create positions in your company, let’s take a turn to start the recruitment process. With the assumption that you have identified your next hiring need, we will jump right into writing a job posting to attract your desired audience.

Starting to Write

First off, you must be aware that your company culture will dictate the information you include in your job posting. So you might want to find a quiet place to writing job postings. It might be helpful to create a standard template for your company before starting. That way, you will eventually create a consistent set of job postings that mirror your library of job descriptions. Remember, a job posting pulls most of its information from your job descriptions.

Company Overview

As mentioned, the culture and identity of your company is important. We recommend that you include a short summary about your organization. Oftentimes, it contains information about your stage of growth (start-up, growing, established), geographic reach (local, national, international), product/service lines, award highlights, workforce characteristics. There are a lot of options in terms of the information you can share. This initial information allows your job seeker to self-select and decide whether this is the right working environment for their personal interests and preferences.

Job Responsibilities

Usually, the next section will highlight key tasks and duties related to the specific job. Mirroring the company overview, you can also include a job overview sub-section. This information establishes the purpose and main accountabilities. It also helps job seekers develop an understanding of work expectations for the role.


The following Qualifications section varies greatly by company. Some choose to be very specific in terms of the credentials and experience that a person must bring to the role, others choose to be broad by highlighting personal attributes. It can include criteria related to years of experience, educational background, technical abilities, knowledge areas, supervisory and industry experience. You may also see requests for people who are able to multi-task, make sound judgment, handle stress, be willing to learn, and other personality traits. It comes down to whether the employer is looking for an experienced person to jump into a job or if they are willing to train talent to fit their needs.

Additional Information

Other information that is sometimes seen in a job posting include: salary information, work schedules, travel requirements, working conditions, and instructions for how to submit your application. There is healthy debate on what information to include, but the decisions made do speak volumes about the company. Thus, it might be worthwhile to seek guidance and advice to get into the right mindset before writing. Many subconscious decisions go into writing a job posting, it can be helpful to have someone asking the right questions to ensure you include the most relevant information.

Here to Help

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