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Leadership Values: Which Way Does Your Sail Lean?

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Often underestimated, sometimes even forgotten. Values actually play a major role when it comes to motivating business leaders to take different courses of action. When it comes to employee management, leadership values truly inform the type of work environment that is created.

In the business world there are a wide range of different leaders that run organizations of different sizes and stages of growth. Let us take a closer look at some of the archetypal ones to examine how their personal worldview impacts the daily lives of employees. For illustrative purposes, we will examine 5 common types of leaders:


This leader is a very hands-off one, whereby the workforce is given lots of autonomy. They view their team as fully capable professionals that are competent in performing their particular roles. Oftentimes, work is completed independently by highly skilled workers or in self-directed teams. In these circumstances, managers are responsible for providing the necessary work tools for their team, rather than task-oriented guidance. One way an HR Services Consultant can help is by supporting our clients in the development of interview questions that would identify individuals that could thrive in this type of environment at the outset of a recruitment campaign.


On the other end of the spectrum is the autocratic leader. Not necessarily a negative, but this is a leader that would be better suited to a very rigid work environment. For instance, a safety sensitive manufacturing environment or one where there are a lot of inexperienced workers that need on-the-job training. In this type of setting, an HR Services Consultant can help establish clear work processes and procedures to ensure that employees are able to fulfill top-down directives.


Then there is the participative leader who values input from team members. This person truly enjoys debate and a collective approach to problem solving. Therefore, it would be imperative to encourage dialogue amongst different people across the organization to tap into key pockets of knowledge internally. An HR Services Consultant can help create open communication mechanisms that minimize distractions, and allow employees to express their ideas and feedback openly for leadership review.


Another type of leader is the transactional one. These individuals see the employer-employee relationship as a trade between different parties. In these circumstances, employees give their time and effort in exchange for monetary or non-monetary rewards. Thus, in this particular workplace setting it is critical to establish goals and expectations to create a productive work environment. An HR Services Consultant can definitely help to outline different types of pay and benefit options that can motivate different types of employee behaviours.


Finally, there is the transformational leader who focuses largely on the bigger picture rather than the tactical components of operations management. Their vision and ability to communicate a grand future to their team is critical to ensuring everyone is headed in the same direction. Therefore, it is beneficial to ensure that each person is aware of their responsibilities within the larger picture. An HR Services Consultant can help define these parameters by supporting clients in the development of robust job descriptions that breakdown the key elements of each position within the organization.


As you can see, values are a very important underlying component that creates different types of leaders. How an organization chooses to incorporate these personal dynamics into their operations is pivotal in the development of a working environment that is inclusive vs divisive, collaborative vs conflicting, focused vs misguided. Having help at the beginning is a great way to ensure that the proper framework is created to optimize performance.

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